Day 21: 30 Ways And 30 Days — Know that there is beauty everywhere

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” This proverb applies to the beauty of things, places, and people. Beauty is found when you open your eyes to the wonders around you. Beautiful and ugly are man-developed ideas, and the standards which by appearances are judged varies tremendously depending on whose eyes are seeing.

A frame of mind that allows you to see beauty automatically makes you more grateful and positive because life becomes more pleasurable. Taking note of the blue sky, the moving words of a poet, a child’s unbridled laughter, a new bloom on a plant, an amazing conversation, etc…truly allowing these moments, sounds, and images to become a part of you will help you to see past the doldrums.

Little things like taking my boys on a bunny search to watch them play, or going on a made-up adventure — even in the house provides simple fun. The boys enjoy pretending that our house is a ship or a plane sometimes and we take make-believe journeys. We would love to go on a real trip, but in the meantime, we make the most of our current environment.

When we are looking for a problem or crave drama, we will find it and it will keep occupying our lives until we let ourselves let go of the attachment we have to this type of distraction. Real life is hard to face head on at times. We are all fallible and emotional creatures. Sometimes it seems easier to sit around and ruminate about our issues which eventually leads to feeling worse and getting nothing done. Taking action, setting goals, following through…those are all things that will help the spirit to heal, move forward, and recognize the forces around them that want them to be happy and to succeed.

To have a beautiful life, start with gratitude, noticing, and stillness. Stillness, not in the sense of sitting around and doing nothing…stillness in the sense of being able to breathe, to stop, to look around with the lightness of knowing that all of the things around you are part of your creation. Sometimes we don’t like what we see, so it is our job to create something different. To create something different, we have to be able to believe in and to see something different. It all goes back to the beginning of the 30 Days when we create our vision board or journal.

The world will always be light and dark. We cannot ignore all of the atrocities that we see in the world. In order to be strong enough to be successful, to gain wealth, and to bring light to the world, we first need the ability to keep a positive mindset, allow ourselves to see beauty, and know that beauty exists even in what might seem to be day to day drudgery.

Today’s action step for seeing beauty: Every morning or every night write down 1 thing you are grateful for, 1 affirmation, and 1 thing that you enjoy doing. That’s it!



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Laurie Molloy

Laurie Molloy

Laurie Molloy is the mom of two amazing boys, an English Teacher, and a published author. A few of her hobbies are writing, swimming, and nature.