Day 5: 30 Days--30 Ways: Overcoming Fear

So far we have created a vision, let go of a purpose, detoxified, and decided to get better every day.

Next task — overcome fear. Fear of whatever it is you are afraid of…could be anything. We may have more than one. Let’s choose one together and kick its butt to the curb like a drunk college boyfriend.

What do I fear? Currently I am afraid of keeping my family healthy, both physically and emotionally during this pandemic.

We have been immersed in a vast, new unknown land of containmentand masks, and we really don’t know what the best steps are to ensure our health. Also, what makes me feel okay doesn’t always work for the kids. What feels good for me is different for the next person. I suspect doing more of our will help. If you didn’t yet read Day 4, a refers to a task you enjoy doing.

This new responsibility to work from home, home school, cook, clean, do laundry, and be bombarded by questions all day long is cumbersome. Tasked with all this, it is normal to be scared. It is healthy to be cautious but not so cautious that everything comes to a halt. I aim for cautiolicious, a way that I can enjoy the delicious parts of life while staying alive.

I think erasing our fears is unreasonable. Being brave does not mean we are unafraid. It is unreasonable, however, to stop trying because of fear.

Start off with a small fear. Do the thing you fear. Note what happens next. Share your experience with someone. Maybe you’ll help someone. Maybe you’ll get stronger. Maybe you will still be scared. I can nearly guarantee that the more times you do things that you are afraid of, your fear quotient will gradually fall and fall…until it feels like nothing at all. I’m not quite there yet. It is all part of the journey.

Day 5 Affirmation

I am determined, positive, alive, brave, and better every day.



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Laurie Molloy

Laurie Molloy

Laurie Molloy is the mom of two amazing boys, an English Teacher, and a published author. A few of her hobbies are writing, swimming, and nature.